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So lets say you are here and wondering what what you see means? Here is a guide with pictures to direct you! Basically there is the HOME page which displays my most recent post(s), the BLOG ARCHIVE page which shows you the date I posted what, the ABOUT ME page which contains a little about the writer, the POEMS and RELATIONSHIP pages which displays my most recent poems and articles on relationship respectively. To view their contents you have to click on them.

Right on top of my WELCOME NOTE is the GOOGLE + button which is coloured white with an orange writing,g+1. Click on it and you recommend my blog content on google. The number you see beside it shows the number of people who have already done so.

The SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG bar gives you the option to subscribe to my blog.
The SEARCH THIS BLOG bar gives you the option to search my blog for a particular post you want to see. However, most recent posts may take a while before they can be searched for.
The TRANSLATE bar enables you to translate the language in which my writing is in into any language for your reading.
The VIDEO bar allows you to watch videos from YOU TUBE without leaving my blog!
The NEWS ON THE BLOCK!  bar enables you to keep up to date with the latest news on GOOGLE!
The FOLLOW BY EMAIL bar makes it easier for you to follow my blog by email.

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