Monday, 19 November 2012

                                Let's try something different this time around shall we? Contrary to the usual format, let do this: I explore the two sides of the coin and leave you to the tossing... Shall we proceed?
                                It is without a doubt that the whole ''chasing'' and 'keeping'' phase of dating has it's pros and cons, notable among which is the ''stretch or not to stretch'' dilema. Search every nook and cranny and you will find that this is common to all to be couples mainly. So you must be wondering what Stretching is? I say it is the term given to the process whereby a lady(in most cases) practically makes a man work endlessly and tirelessly to prove his undying love for her before he gets the nod for a relationship with her. The length and intensity however  differ from lady to lady. Let's take it first from the lady's point of view:
·         ''Man will not appreciate something that he did not or does not work for''. This school of thought stems from the ideology that humans basically tend not to appreciate something they have not ''laboured'' for, so to say. Hence, she believes if she makes him labour before he finally gets her, then he would appreciate her when he finally has her and consequently work as hard to keep her.
·         ''Time and trials are the ultimate test of love''. The basic principle underlying this is that anything that stands the test of time and trials is genuine. Simply put, if she puts his love through the test of time and trials, and it stands this, then his love is genuine and  she can trust him with her heart. Another reason being that once he stuck around during that time it is an indication that he is in for the long haul.
                                Let's take it now from the guy's point of view:
·         ''Self actualisation = satisfaction and complacency''. The general principle backing  this is when one works extremely hard to get something and the person finally gets it,  it leaves a sense of satisfaction and consequently complacency; afterall what more is there after achieving the ultimate? Hence what happens is after he has moved heaven and earth to get her, he most likely would not move the same heaven and earth to keep her.
·         ''Time and tide waits for no man''...or in this case, ''time and tide waits for no woman''. Naturally, when one tries plan A and it does not seem to be yielding the results expected, one tries plan B or starts considering other options. So basically ''stretch''  him for too long; or test his love for too long and he would just start considering other options. After all you aren't the only woman available are you?
                                So here are the two side of the coin. What do you think? TO STRETCH OR NOT TO STRETCH? I'd love to hear what you think!.. :)
                                                                                                                                                                VANESSA SANGARI

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