Wednesday, 10 October 2012

 Goodmorning, I say kokrokoo!
From the rising to the setting of the sun,
We ask, is there nothing new under the sun?
I tell you, this is a different San.
As a lamp that always glows,
As a stream with ceaseless flows,
As a wind which always blows,
As a speeding car which never slows,
A forward accurate with free throws,
Always meets her goals.
Produced in me, sweet burning sensation of coals.
Few cons and numerous pros
She’s a book I love reading, don’t wanna close.
When I go wayward she keeps me on my toes
Sometimes as a child that never grows
In anger, a boxer punching blows
Human with highs and lows,
Her composition, only God knows...
The distance between us in the fly of crows;
Yes we might have fun,
But I am just a man.
Who will always follow God's plan,
Cos it was He who created this beautiful San.


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