Saturday, 11 August 2012

                Now lets face it, clearly it aPPears when testosterone does or says something, oestrogen understands or interPrets it very differently. It would be imPossible to hire a translator for every couPle, so lets save everyone the trouble and do it here shall we? Let's try converting the testosterone version of love and how he shows it to the oestrogen version of it shall we?
                If he is Providing for you, irresPective of how big or small the gesture is, it means he is taking the Pains to do something he thinks would be helPful to her or something that would make her haPPy. That, is testosterone definition of thoughtful. Come on, don't you think he deserves some Points on the ''being thoughtful'' list?
                Whether he is Protecting you, or Preserving you, or Preventing harm from reaching you; for example, giving you his coat when it is raining or holding your hand when you are crossing a flooded area, that's the testosterone definition of being tender and caring. That said, it is not really much of an obligation thing don't you agree?
                Whether he is showing too little of it, or showing too much of it, it still makes no difference really. Whether Potatoes are fried or boiled, they are still Potatoes right? It is just the testosterone way of telling her ''I love you and I do not want to lose you''. That said, isn't that actually a sweet gesture?
                If he is Probing into her life, for whatever reasons; whether crafty and cunning or sweet and loving, either ways, she still means that much for him to want to know more about you right? That is just the testosterone way of telling her that ''I want you''. Now with that said, it isn't really that bad is it?
                If he is being Passive, it's not his fault. He just does not want her to take advantage of his love or take him for a ride; especially when that has already happened to him at some point in his life. In this case, being Passive is just his testosterone way of saying ''loving you makes me feel vulnerable''. It may not be the best approach but we all know testosterone + vulnerability is more like oil   + water. That said, don't you think Proving that you won't take him for a ride will helP?

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  1. My word!! Nessa you are really a unique talent. God bless u