Thursday, 2 August 2012

                   Day in, day out, the Popular Problem oestrogen seems to have with testosterone is that he is not doing enough. And she will Probably spend hours contemPlating whether he really cares or not; because lets face it, sometimes his actions indicate otherwise. Lets look at it this way, oestrogen and testosterone show love differently, but most of the time, because testosterone does not show love the way oestrogen wants, oestrogen concludes that there is no love, or starts doubting testosterone's love. So ladies (whom I have been referring to as oestrogen all this while), let's drop the fairy tale, prince charming concept and get a little practical shall we? Lets take a look at what I call ''the P's of a man's love'':
                   If he loves you, he will Put in place all the necessary things to make you haPPy. This is commonly demonstrated by Providing for you the things he feels would make you haPPy. It may not be material, but things that to him, would make you haPPier. And let's face it, he is more likely go for the ''big'' things like buying you exPensive gifts as oPPosed to the ''little'' things like greeting you with a kiss when you show uP at his door. So lets break this down, whether you wanted him to do ''big'' and he did ''small'' or vice versa, why not look at the thought behind the gesture instead of the gesture itself? In the long run you will realise that when a man loves you, he Provides for you.
                  Secondly, if a man(whom I have been referring to as testosterone all this while), loves you, he will Protect you. He will always do the things that keeP you safe. Talk about the way he will KeeP you safe from harm and danger. As oPPosed to your idea of this as obligation, it of actually a sign of his love. Think about it, not ruling out the fact that it may actually be obligattory, don't you think he could actually decide not to do it? And think about it, that would only mean he does not care that much to do it? or?
              Third P on board is the P in Possessive. If he loves you, he will be Possessive, but this varies from man to man and from being mildly Possessive to overbearingly Possessive. As oPPosed to whether you wanted him to show a certain extent of Possessiveness and he did not, or he showed a certain extent of Possessiveness and you did not like it, the basic thing with testosterone is, he will show it in the testosterone way and not the oestrogen way. It's left to you to break it down into units that oestrogen can understand.
              Fourth on the list of P's, he will Probe into your life. Basically he would want to know more about you, what makes you tick, the things you enjoy doing, stuff that you like. From being nosy to just wanting to know more about you, it's still the basic concePt; he loves you and wants to know more about you and the things around you. 
             The fifth and most confusing P to oestrogen is his Passivity when he loves you. Believe it or not, this is one of the mysteries oestrogen is still trying to unravel about testosterone. Sometimes, if he does care, he would just Pretend he doesn't. Talk about ignore you and act like he could care less about what you do with your life. (It does not necessarily mean that if the testosterone you love acts this way it is a surety that he does care deep inside, but rather a case of Probability). Sometimes he acts this way because of the exPeriences he has had, what other women have Put him through or the Perceptions he has formed about oestrogen in general, or your oestrogen in Particular.


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