Saturday, 4 August 2012

                        Hi!...if you are a new reader, wondering what in the world the title means, basically, this is the second article in a chain of articles I term as the ''P series''. In my previous article, I talked about the P's of a man's love, and I referred to him as testosterone; woman as oestrogen. And so,I call this one the ANTI-P's; my way of talking about the oestrogen PersPective of the each of the P's of testosterone's love.
                        Providing something he thought would make her haPPy, which actually did not make her haPPy = zero effort. If he did not care to ask her what would make her haPPy and did it and it did not work, it's cos 90(we all know cos 90 = 0). And besides, if he was indeed thoughtful, he would know what would would make her haPPy and Provide it without she telling him.
                        Protecting her is his obligation. If he thinks doing it is going to actually score Points for him on ''showing her that I love her'' list, then he has to think twice. What is the big deal about doing something that you are already suPPosed to do? Protecting her is something he is suPPosed to do;doing it = no big deal.
                        Possessiveness, to one kind of oestrogen would be unheard of. To this kind of oestrogen, it is actually an outrage. Shouldn't she be able to have her ''freedom''? Over Possessiveness; or showing more of it than she expects = his love is questionable. And on the other hand, to another kind of oestrogen, if he really does love her then he should show a greater degree of Possessiveness than he is already showing. He isn't showing enough of Possessiveness, or showing less than she expects = his love is questionable.
    Probing into her life is just one of his ways of knowing how to get to her. Surely after he has, he will not even be as much as concerned about how her day went. It is just one of the ''hunting tactics'' of testosterone. Once he gets into ''zoo keePer'' mode, he wil stop being the ''Probing'' one. Starting something he most likely will not continue = he should not start it at all.
                     Passivity is no way to show her that you love her or that you care about her. In Venus, where oestrogen lives, when you love something or someone, you show it. Not showing that you love her or Pretending     not to care about her = he does not care at all.

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