Monday, 16 July 2012

I know it's weird but baby this happens every now and then,
So if I was infront of a jury, would you be afraid to say you love me?
And if i was sentenced to a century, would you support me entirely?
Or if you find out I that i kissed some girl called Mimi,
Would you tell everybody so they would bug me?
Baby, if I slept in a place so smelly and very dirty and you saw me,would you still hug me?
If I had an accident and lost my memory, would you still tell your friends i was your baby?
If I was insensitive and negligent of all i am supposed to do,
Would you reject me or would i still be your boo?
And would you believe me if at that point i told you i love you?
If we went out for dinner and i couldn't afford the bill, would you pay and just chill?
If I had skin disease for a week, would you still kiss me on the cheek?
Got a few more pages to fill, by asking my million dollar question,
Baby do you love me still?
I am still loving you and hope you feel the same way too

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