Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Ah, a kiss,beyond just what it is,more than just two lips touching
Beyond every kiss is what every move he makes means
Eyes staring intently into your eyes saying 'i miss you'
His head moving closer to yours saying 'i am willing to take the risk'
Lips touching yours softly saying 'i love you'
Arms going around you saying 'i want you'
Those arms pulling you closer saying ;you are all i need and more'
His eyes closed saying 'i am lost in your paradise'
And when deep into the kiss you steal a glance and realise
just how lost he is,saying 'i enjoy being with you'
And this kiss in itself tells you all what words cannot say
And when at that moment he runs his fingers across your face,
You know just how delicious your lips taste!

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