Tuesday, 17 July 2012


                ''Never look into a bottle with both eyes for in doing so you either lose an eye or do not see a thing at all''. The first mistake women make when they love is that they either do not look before they leap or they look wrongly! Some to love for the wrong reasons like physical appearance, riches, power, popularity and social status. Just like the one attempting to look into a bottle with both eyes,they want to have a good man but use the wrong approach.
                ''To err is human and to forgive is divine''. As human as we are, we are all fallible and are not perfect. Women sometimes expect the men they love to be flawless and treat them to be twenty four hour three hundred and sixty five days caring, thoughtful and sweet. Of course it is not a bad expectation but ladies,is there ever anyone in this world who has no flaw? or never makes mistakes?
                ''Easy does it!'' So says the tortoise. Women,thirdly are too quick to judge when they love. They jump to conclusions way too fast! She is probably loving him with her all and does not want any hitches. But they fail to notice that the foundation of every relationship is trust. Where there is no trust there is insecurity. Where there is insecurity there is constant nagging and girls, nagging puts guys off!
                ''Always cherish what you have for in taking our loved ones for granted we wake up one day realising that we lost a diamond while we were busy collecting stones''. Women sometimes tend to still search for that 'mr right' (more like 'mr perfect' in her mind) even after they have found love. They forget that instead of looking for 'mr right', they can make their mr, right!
                ''The hottest fires bake the best bread''. You are angry, he is angry. Sometimes we are just too quick to compare when something goes wrong. (At this point she is probably assessing the mistake of loving him in the first place). Ladies, two blacks never make a white! Remember quarrels are meant to strengthen your relationship and not break it. Remember also there is no fire without smoke, you never know how you contributed to the problem in the first place!
                ''Love in its purest forms is not sex''. Most women tend to make the mistake of giving themselves to men for the wrong reasons. It's either because he asked, or she thinks it is gonna make him stay or because she wants him as much... Girl,if a man truly loves you he will seek to preserve you and not experiment with you. Besides, was sex created for just the fun of it or for a plane to bond?
                ''Money is more important than love''. The seventh mistake some women make is they give too much preference to money. They may even choose money over love. Of course it is not love that will feed and clothe you but they fail to realise that a thousand years spent in the arms of a rich man whom you do not love may bring you comfort and luxury, but can never be compared to a day in the arms of the man you love.
                ''If a man deceives me once, shame on him but if he deceives me twice shame on me''. Women often make the mistake of carrying past hurts into relationships. As such they fail to see it when love is right in front of them! Remember that prejudice often clouds judgement. It is true men are of the same species, but think of it, if they are all the same why do we take so much time to choose one?
                ''Half a loaf is better than none''. For fear of not finding another man;or one who is not as good, or for fear of hurting him, or loneliness, women sometimes tend to settle for less than what they actually deserve. Sure you want to make things work, but will you stay in an unhealthy relationship and be unhappy? Remember that half a loaf is better than none only when that half is not spoilt!
                ''So faith, hope and love abide but the greatest of these is love''. Written in the good books. The biggest mistake women make when they love is they fail to make God's love a part of it. Remember God's love is the prefect example of love. If a man loves you his love will have all the qualities mentioned in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7!
Ladies, sometimes it is hard having them, but we cannot live without them either can we?

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